Sony PCS-XG100S

Call for price

Sony’s new affordable PCS-XG100S HD Visual Communications System features 1080p Full HD, 60 fps, and life-like audio capabilities. It also features an integrated 9ch MCU function that eliminates the need for a separate multi-communication unit. The PCS-XG100S incorporates a host of new features including: * Multipoint capability up to 9 sites (H.323) with optional software PCSA-MCG109 (6 sites with H.320 - available in V2.0) 10 to 16 sites (H.323) requires 2 PCS-XG100S units w/ opt. software PCSA-MCG109 using cascaded connection (10 sites with H.320 - available in V2.0) * Data Sharing - PC images up to 1080p resolution (Vi 2eo annotation function) * H.239 dual stream 1080 30p x2 * Triple Monitor Output (HDMI x 2/ DVI-I x 1) * HD Recording to USB * HD Multicast Streaming * DVI-I input for compatibility with EVI-H100V PTZ Camera Series and EVI-HD7V Sony videoconferencing enables communication without borders to bring people closer together.

  • 1080p HD Format
  • 60 fps
  • 16 Mbps Band Width
  • 1080/30p x2 (dual stream)
  • External Output: HDMI x 2, DVI-I
  • Image Format: 720p
  • Media: USB Memory
  • Compatible with Sony's renowned EVI-H100V and EVI-H100V/W HD PTZ cameras
  • Integrated MCU: 9 sites / 16 site cascade

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