Sony PCS-A7P4

Price:AED5570.56 + 5% VAT on UAE Sales

Echo-Cancelling Microphone set

This set of four echo-cancelling wired microphones assures premium audio performance when used with the Sony PCS-XG80 and PCS-XA80 video conferencing systems.

Each mono microphone’s unidirectional pick-up response captures crisp, clear speech from individual conference participants in a boardroom or meeting space.

For best results, it’s recommended to locate meeting participants approximately 0.5-1.5m from the microphone. Acceptable audio quality is also obtained with speakers at a distance of up to 2m.

Integrated echo cancelling boosts intelligibility of speech for more productive conferences where every participant is heard clearly and distinctly. Up to 80 microphones (20x PCSA-A7P4) can be cascaded to cover the large-scale conferences with a large number of participants seated in a meeting room, conference call or auditorium.

Unidirectional pick-up pattern  

The undirectional pick-up characteristic focuses on sounds directly in front of each microphone. Individual conference participants can be heard clearly, with minimal spill-over from other ambient sounds in the room.

Wide frequency response
14kHz frequency response ensures excellent speech clarity that’s clearly heard by other conference participants.

Built-in echo canceller
Voice intelligibility is improved by signal processing, significantly reducing distracting echo that often makes speech hard to follow.

Hear up to 80 participants clearly
Multiple PCSA-A7P4 units can easily be cascaded, creating a large-scale audio system with up to 80 individual microphones for each participant in a large meeting room, conference call or auditorium.

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