Sony PCS-11P

Price:AED10510.50 + 5% VAT on UAE Sales

Inheriting the compact and stylish two-piece design from the Sony PCS-1/1P Video Communication System, the Sony PCS-11/11P provides high-performance networking capabilities at an affordable price. Connecting to a network, the Sony PCS-11/11P provides the high picture quality of up to 1 Mb/s and advanced quality of service (QoS) enhancement functions such as adaptive rate control and auto repeat request (ARQ) to maintain the picture quality even in unstable network conditions. Configured in a system hosted by the PCS-1/1P, the PCS-11/11P supports data-sharing capabilities that allow you to view presentation documents transferred from the PCS-1/1P unit at a remote location.
The Sony PCS-11/11P Video Communication System can expand the benefits offered by powerful network-based videoconferencing, allowing you to engage in simple, immediate, and face-to-face communication with your business partners.

  • Excellent Video Quality 
  • Flexible Installation
  • Data-sharing Capabilities


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